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How to fit a Roof bar to your Ford

In order to correctly fit your roof bar so that it is safe and secure, you will need to choose the correct:

• Footpack
• Fit kit
• Roof bars


What is a footpack?

Footpacks are components which help secure your roof bars onto the roof of your vehicle. The model of footpack required will depend on the model of your vehicle.

What does a footpack do?

The job of the foot pack is to hold the roof bar in place once it is mounted onto the vehicle. The foot pack lies underneath the roof bar. A foot pack may be the sole component in fixing the roof bar to the vehicle, or a fit kit may be required.

How is a footpack fitted?

For most thule roof bars, the footpack will slide into a groove on the underside of the bar. The bar may include a measuring guide so that the footpack can be secured in the correct place. Others may not include a guide and require the help of a tape measure. The foot pack is locked into position using a snap mechanism. Thule foot packs are secured via a lock.
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Fit kits

Not all cars will require a fit kit when fitting a Thule roof bar. If the footpack cannot be fitted directly onto the vehicles roof, the fit kit acts as a connection between the footpack and the car, allowing it to be fitted securely in place.
thule fit kit
Ford Focus Roof Bars

The ford focus is a compact car that was first released in 1998. It is now in its fourth generation. The focus range offers estate, saloon and hatchback body styles.

The focus is an excellent car for those who want something practical and reliable but not boring. The focus is sporty and stylish, yet still totally responsible.